Author M. A. Densley

Melissa A. Densley, author of the newly released book “When Lightning Strikes”

Mel has chosen to target young adult readers specifically for her books because when she was at that age reading was not one of her passions. Her love for reading books came much later, in her early twenties, so much so that she decided to start writing. She has produced her first title with the second well on the way.

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When Lightning Strikes



“When Lightning Strikes”  Available Now.

‘When Lightning Strikes’ tells the story of Olivia ‘Liv’ Carlington waking on her eighteenth birthday to find she had abilities she had only ever read about in the books she loved.

Liv learned the abilities she woke up with had been passed down through the generations, originating from a lightning strike that struck an ancestor in the seventeenth century.

The shock of that alone would be enough to rock anybody’s world, but for Liv, the shocks kept coming. She discovers that not everyone has been truthful with her about the role they play in her life.

As she wrestles with trusting those around her, Liv learns that not everyone is out to help her with these new abilities. A dangerous secret society is hunting her.

Not only is Liv threatened, but so are her loved ones. Liv struggles with the decision of just how far she would go to protect those around her.

When a meeting with the secret society goes horribly wrong, Liv discovers more about her life when she meets a new group claiming to be there to help.

Just as Liv thought things were settling down a family member’s life is threatened and in the process lies are exposed.

When Liv feels at her lowest, all she wants to do is run away. Liv wonders if leaving would keep her loved ones safe from those out to harm her.

She battles with whether she can trust anyone or if going at it alone is the best thing for everyone around her, including herself.


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