How are you today? All well I hope. I stumbled upon a poem the other day and I’m going to share it with you. This poem wasn’t written by me (if you know who wrote it I’m happy to give credit where credit is due) but I’ve had this poem in my possession for a long time. If I’m remembering correctly I found it in a magazine (Girlfriend) I think and for some reason it stuck with me. Back then though it meant something a little different but now as I read it, it brings new meaning to me. Have a read and I’ll explain why after:-


I love you

I love the way you smile,

The way you do your hair.

I love the way you look at me,

But I hate it when you stare

I love the way you make me feel,

And the special words you say.

I keep these feelings in my mind,

And treasure them each day.

Every time I see you

My heart begins to race,

Is it your beautiful smile?

Or your whole desiring face

I cannot sleep at night,

Or concentrate during the day

Because the heart throbbing feelings

I have for you

Will not go away

So many times I’ve wanted to express

These feelings inside

But every time I talk to you

They seem to run and hide

I know now I can’t tell you

But you’ll stay forever in my heart

And even though we are not together

I know we will never part.


So when I read this as a teenager, I’m pretty sure I related to it because I had a crush on someone but now I read it and wonder, who was the person they were talking about? Was it someone that had passed and these words are how they remember this person? Is it talking about someone that they could never be with for some reason? Maybe a relationship that is or was frowned upon? Was this person afraid of telling the person it’s about in fear of losing a friendship?

As a writer, when I read something like this, so many stories are created in my mind.

I can imagine a scene where this person is sitting in a classroom, looking at their crush, desperate to tell them how they feel but fearful of the outcome if they do. They interact with each other and each shared moment is treasured by the writer of this poem. Every smile is cherished, every touch between them has them wondering if there is more to it than just a simple touch. When they part each day, every conversation is replayed in their head. Every joke is questioned whether there was more meaning behind it. Then comes the fantasy that one day they have the guts to tell that person they have more feelings then just friendship.

It’s a vicious cycle. One that probably repeated itself over and over throughout the week.

*sigh* boy am I glad I am not a teenager anymore haha now I have two kids I will need to help get through this *HELP* 😮

Some of these words bring back memories of loved ones I’ve lost over the years.

Reading some of these lines bring memories of them to my mind. I see their smiling faces and remember their laughter. That’s what it means to me now, and it is one I will enjoy reading because even though I no long see them, my memories are all I have left of them. If a poem helps bring those memories to the surface, then all the better.

Is there a poem that has stuck with you for some reason? I’d love to know.

When you read this poem, what does it mean to you? Does it have meaning to you? Sometimes Poems hold no meaning to the reader, and that’s okay. There are plenty out there that don’t hold any meaning to many people, myself included.

Anyway enough from me today,

Until next time,

Take care.

Mel xx


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