Picture of Mel when she was in Bristol England

A few years ago I visited England, this is in Bristol where I stayed for a week. I had the feather extension put in my hair when visiting some markets in the area.

Trying to get fit before my local Gym re- opens and went for a 3.12 km walk/run combo, where I felt like I was going to die afterwards. Hahaha  😆

Mel having a hard time travelling and pulling faces to kill time.

Travelling home from Queensland is a looooong drive, and I am not a good traveler haha. So to try keep my mind off the fourteen and a half hour drive I took some silly photos, along with some photo’s of me looking none too pleased. This however only took two minutes, fourteen hours and thirty eight minutes left  😥  😐 

I try to enjoy life and at times I try to remind myself that we need to laugh at ourselves too. So here is me being silly  😛 

I hate Summer! This is the reason I do, when its hot outside and you have the air con on which makes it cold inside. How do you dress for that? I wear jumpers (sweaters) and Ugg boots but then I go outside and it’s so hot outside you swelter in an instant. So this was my compromise lol. Shorts and a long sleeve shirt.  😆 

Annnnd this is what its like when it’s cold haha but I would much prefer the colder weather, where you can rug up  😉  

I love to listen to music, either in the car or while I’m working. Some of my favorite singers are Ed Sheeran, Twenty One Pilots, Imagine Dragons, P!nk and Sia.  😎

This is what I call beach clothing. I always get cold at the beach and I burn very easily so I’m the girl you see on the beach with a hooded jumper (sweater) on and long pants  😆 

This was taken when I was visiting Lake Conjola on the south coast 😀 

I have a YouTube account where I have posted some interviews about my journey writing my book and a video about me. These were taken on that day, I had a lot of fun filming these videos. My best friend, who interviewed me, and I spent a lot of time laughing. You won’t believe how hard it is to not crack a smile or laugh as soon as the camera is switched on. For those not used to being in front of one that is 😆 I’d love for you to check them out if you haven’t already. You can find them on my website under Interviews or on YouTube.

Like most people, I have goals to change the way I live. I want to be fitter, and have fun while doing it. Since joining PCYC I’ve met some amazing people. Here is one of my trainers Jono, who has my boxing class. As you can see, he pushes me to beat myself. Some days harder than others  😆

And this is Britt. Don’t be fooled by how little this woman is. She can make a grown woman or man want to cry. She’ll push you harder every week and make sure your doing it right in the process. She is my bootcamp trainer and I love her and hate her at the same time in class  😆  

This is Mt Warning in Murwillumbah, these photos were taken one day apart. I find it amazing what nature gives us. I visited a friend who lives here on the way up to Queensland. Beautiful isn’t it? 🙂 

These are some holiday pictures, most of them are from different places either on the way to or in Queensland somewhere. This is my husband Richard who puts up with how badly I travel haha. 

Top left to right – selfie with Mt Coolum in the background, with Richard at Macadamia castle in Knockrow N.S.W, selfie on Coolum beach, (see…hooded jumper/sweater lol) with Richard on Noosa beach Queensland, feeding the birds at Macadamia castle, sitting by the pool at our hotel while at the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Fashion is a big part of the world and social media. I struggle to keep up with fashion as I find most stuff doesn’t suit my tastes. So when I bought these new outfits I thought I’d share them. Play suits are not normally my thing but I found I really like these ones.

I find it fascinating how much a person can change from photo to photo. Here are a few selfies I’ve taken over a period of time. Any you like more than another?

This is Megalong Valley at its finest. We went horse riding for my daughters birthday in Blackheath (or more commonly known to locals as lackheat lol). Breath taking isn’t it?

I love Winter. I’m like, obsessed with it  😆 To me, there is so much beauty in it. Most of all though, I love that in Winter you have to ability to warm up. Chuck a blanket on, cuddle with someone you love, put the fire on and sit and read a book with a hot cuppa. what’s not to love?

Richard and I went to the Ice Hockey Classic in Sydney where we met Ben Harper, who played for the Ottawa Senators. His team came up against my team the Pittsburgh Penguins in the playoffs for 2016/2017 season. Penguins came up on top and won the Stanley cup for the second year in a row. Can anyone say awkward? He was actually really nice, and tall, I’ve never felt so short in my life haha